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Victoria-A Driving School

- We have created a website for Victoria-A Driving School, including a wide range of information about its services and offers. On this page, customers have the option to access their account through a secure login system and fill out online driving school tests.
- In addition, we have developed an administrative panel for Victoria-A Driving School, which allows administrators to add usernames and passwords for their candidates. Candidates have the option to complete their tests on the driving school website and view their results after completing them to see if they have passed the test or not.


- Online store (e-commerce) for Feteducafe, this online store that offers a wide range of coffee. Visitors can explore a wide range of coffee options, stay updated with the latest trends and shop seamlessly.
- In addition, we have incorporated an intuitive administrative interface tailored for the Feteducafe team. This feature empowers these staff to effortlessly manage product listings, upload stunning visuals, and communicate important updates.

ATL Nail Supply

- This webpage serves as an informative hub for ATL Nail Supply, this e-commerce venture tailored for this company. It offers detailed insights into our product catalog, highlights the latest developments, and streamlines the purchasing process for potential customers.
- Furthermore, we've implemented an administrative dashboard exclusively for the ATL Nail Supply team. This feature enables our team members to effortlessly upload product images and disseminate vital announcements to our online audience.


The DelaMode

- This platform serves as the digital storefront for The DelaMode, this online boutique offering curated fashion collections. Visitors can explore a wide range of apparel options, stay updated with the latest trends, and seamlessly make purchases.
- Additionally, we've incorporated an intuitive administrative interface tailored for The DelaMode team. This feature empowers this staff to effortlessly manage product displays, upload stunning visuals, and communicate important updates to our valued clientele.


- Website for the course. is a course that is offered online, making it easy for students to register and start training. Through a simple online registration process, learners can subscribe to the course and gain access with a secure username and password. After that, they can attend the lectures and watch the videos at any time convenient for them.
- Also, we have ensured that the videos are protected and unavailable to unauthorized persons, this guaranteeing that the learning materials remain exclusive to the students.


Digital Academy

- This page contains all the necessary information about the academy, including course details, the latest news and the possibility to register for new students.
-We've also included an administrative panel for the Digital Academy team, enabling them to upload photos and share important news with website visitors.


Koral Dental Clinic

- As an agency, we have created a website for Koral Dental Clinic. The site contains all the important details about the dental clinic, including services and contact information.
- In addition, customers can use the available form to leave a request for an appointment with the clinic. This helps visitors easily plan and organize a visit to the dental clinic.

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